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What's this? A double update for Friday September 12th?? Yup!

All this talk about going reminded me I never shared how we revealed the trip to the kids. Now, they knew they were going to Disney World, they just had no idea when. My wife and I discussed how to surprise it and my ideas ranged from filling the hallway with balloons to strobe lights and a fog machine. Obviously the latter was scrapped because nobody wants to have to explain to their neighbors why the kids are in their front yard at 4am screaming "FIRE FIRE FIRE!!". We kept it simple, I loaded Disney's Welcome Medley on my phone to play and gently woke them up with 2 blasts from an air horn. At 3:30am. It took a few minutes to finally coax them out of their rooms. I actually had to open their doors once the music started, but in the end...

This also contained our first Magical Meltdown of the trip. You may not be able to hear the audio from it, but my 8 year old didn't fair so well with the fog horn. It seems when the blasts woke him he fell out of bed and landed on his head. So yea, tears.

I uploaded this to Vimeo because YouTube didn't like that there was Disney music in the background, even though I paid for the song and played it through my phone. Oh well. Hope it works.

Disney World Vacation Reveal from Miley whisenhunt on Vimeo.

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