New Shirts for December! Snacks and Walt!

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FINALLY. A shirt designed for all 2 Men and the Mouse enthusiasts. The Snack Gauntlet has arrived. A classic arcade game theme is exactly what this begged for. If you don't already know, some time back during an episode of the 2 Men and the Mouse podcast, Kevin and Pete discussed their favorite snacks. This discussion turned into a best of snacks list which became the Snack Gauntlet, a daunting task of eating 9 specific disney park snacks as well as a personal choice of your own.

Some of these snacks are traditional while others aren't so common. This shirt makes sure you don't forget what snacks are on the list for your next trip, or just to wear around town.

Retro video games not your style? Looking for something a little cuter? Then slap some big eyes on them foods and eat that anthropomorphic goodness you weirdo!

Remember, when tackling on the gauntlet, pics or it didn't happen!!


Did everyone catch the instagram photo from La Cava in Epcot? Seems the one and only Neil Patrick Harris was spotted out and about with former co-star Cobie Smulders and a few friends. The pic looked a lot like this:

How about NPH's shirt? Already getting a lot of buzz on the internet around the Disney fan base. Want one of your own? Check it out, I made one and it's over on the Magical Meltdown store at teepublic.

It's like my grandfather told me on his deathbed: "Mike, you can be anything. Except NPH. You'll never be NPH." Ya know what gramps? Now I can dress like him...which is close.


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