No Way from Norway!

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Stand together and fight the encroachment of Arendelle. When something we love is taken from us, it's our duty of citizens of the offending country to stand up for the offended country. Right? There is no better way to show your disney side than to let everyone know Maelstrom was way better than Frezen Ever After could ever be. I mean sure, there really isn't anything to draw kids down to World Showcase except the churros.

Personally, having ridden Maelstrom one time just before it shut down, I'm OK with the change. My family doesn't have any fond memories of it like some others do. We rode it because we were in Epcot in August and it was hot as blazes. While we enjoyed Frozen in its hayday. I wouldn't say we are fanatics of it. I'm sure we will get along just fine with the new animatronics and musical numbers. It's Disney World after all!

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