I'll fly away....

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The scuttlebutt this month at Disney's Hollywood Studios is that the hot air balloon located atop Muppets 3D will be removed. While there isn't a specific date for the removal, it is reasonable to assume its departure will coincide with the opening of Star Wars Land seeing as how it will likely block the sight lines going into the new area of the park.

I find it ironic that Disney has no problem floating balloons to assess sight lines for new attractions but this time they need to bring one down. With that in mind, I've made a mashup with the delightfully tacky Sanderson house from Up, being carried off by Kermit's hot air balloon. The overall design as a painterly look to it, and it's perfect for light to medium blue shirts.

As usual it's live over on my teepublic storefront so grab one today and rock it in memoriam!

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