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It's been said by many that Epcot's "World Showcase" is lacking in thrill rides. Sure, you've got the water/coaster hybrid over in Norway. If that's your thing. (If not, click here). There's also the O' Canada show, a stationary ride that could actually make you vomit if you started drinking in Mexico.

Speaking of Mexico, inside the great pyramid is another ride, The Gran Fiesta Tour. Not much for thrills, but it's a great spot to get out of the heat and see some people happier than yourself enjoying flights of Tequila at La Cava.

So, what about the pyramid itself as an attraction. Well, it seems only the bravest few have actually attempted to scale it's nearly vertical step laden facade. It can be difficult and requires much booze, but with enough gumption, you too can accomplish this feat and be an Epcot Free Climbing Champion!

This design is available at my teepublic storefront and is on sale RIGHT NOW!! While you're there check out some of my other designs.

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