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Here's the brand new and funky fresh "Turbo Time" t shirt design. Keeping it properly old school, this looks like ye olde NES box art. Letting you remember happier times when Turbo wasn't a alcoholic...reminding you about your failures, and how you haven't given him a grandson yet. Ok, maybe I'm projecting a little, but still. This is a super fun shirt. In a world of heroes and princesses, be the villain!

Like any of my shirt designs, you can' grab this over at or if you're really lazy just click the shirt at the top of the page. Right now they're all on sale for a few days and I'm telling ya, this looks GREAT on a onesie or a kid's shirt.


In other news, some friends and I have launched a Disney inspired podcast. Ok, not so much as inspired as pretty well all about Disney, but from a grown-up's take. We discuss the parks, the company as a whole, where to eat and what to drink. We call it "3 Sheets to the Mouse" and we think it's a lot of fun. We have 2 episodes up right now. The first one, we try and fix the Japan pavilion and in the second we look at our ideas for touring Magic Kingdom as grown-ups without children. We're on iTunes, Stitcher and it's hosted at Podbean. so go ahead and check us out. Then give us a rating on iTunes!

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