Here's a one spot listing of all my shirt designs. I'm trying to consolidate stuff to make it easier if anyone is interested in viewing the shirt designs I have, instead of wading through all the pages of the blog. If you want the main storefront, you can get there HERE. Otherwise, hit this list to go directly to a specific shirt.


EPCOT Free Climbing Competition
Uncle Walt

Not My Norway
Sonny Eclipse

Salute the Monorail RED

Salute the Monorail WHITE

Salute the Monorail DARK
Jingle Cruise Sweater

Walt's Webs
Dole Whip Tee

District Baseball - RETRO
Make EPCOT Great Again

2MATM Podcast
Snack Gauntlet - Kawaii

Snack Gauntlet - RETRO
Fight Like a Sith

Armchair Imagineer
Angry Little Mouse

Angry Little Mouse - Vintage
3 Sheets Podcast - Standard

3 Sheets Podcast - Vintage
Schitrus Swirl
RETRO Mickey Skateboarding
Gizmo Tales

Baby Tigger

Here's the brand new and funky fresh "Turbo Time" t shirt design. Keeping it properly old school, this looks like ye olde NES box art. Letting you remember happier times when Turbo wasn't a alcoholic...reminding you about your failures, and how you haven't given him a grandson yet. Ok, maybe I'm projecting a little, but still. This is a super fun shirt. In a world of heroes and princesses, be the villain!

Like any of my shirt designs, you can' grab this over at or if you're really lazy just click the shirt at the top of the page. Right now they're all on sale for a few days and I'm telling ya, this looks GREAT on a onesie or a kid's shirt.


In other news, some friends and I have launched a Disney inspired podcast. Ok, not so much as inspired as pretty well all about Disney, but from a grown-up's take. We discuss the parks, the company as a whole, where to eat and what to drink. We call it "3 Sheets to the Mouse" and we think it's a lot of fun. We have 2 episodes up right now. The first one, we try and fix the Japan pavilion and in the second we look at our ideas for touring Magic Kingdom as grown-ups without children. We're on iTunes, Stitcher and it's hosted at Podbean. so go ahead and check us out. Then give us a rating on iTunes!

It's been said by many that Epcot's "World Showcase" is lacking in thrill rides. Sure, you've got the water/coaster hybrid over in Norway. If that's your thing. (If not, click here). There's also the O' Canada show, a stationary ride that could actually make you vomit if you started drinking in Mexico.

Speaking of Mexico, inside the great pyramid is another ride, The Gran Fiesta Tour. Not much for thrills, but it's a great spot to get out of the heat and see some people happier than yourself enjoying flights of Tequila at La Cava.

So, what about the pyramid itself as an attraction. Well, it seems only the bravest few have actually attempted to scale it's nearly vertical step laden facade. It can be difficult and requires much booze, but with enough gumption, you too can accomplish this feat and be an Epcot Free Climbing Champion!

This design is available at my teepublic storefront and is on sale RIGHT NOW!! While you're there check out some of my other designs.

The scuttlebutt this month at Disney's Hollywood Studios is that the hot air balloon located atop Muppets 3D will be removed. While there isn't a specific date for the removal, it is reasonable to assume its departure will coincide with the opening of Star Wars Land seeing as how it will likely block the sight lines going into the new area of the park.

I find it ironic that Disney has no problem floating balloons to assess sight lines for new attractions but this time they need to bring one down. With that in mind, I've made a mashup with the delightfully tacky Sanderson house from Up, being carried off by Kermit's hot air balloon. The overall design as a painterly look to it, and it's perfect for light to medium blue shirts.

As usual it's live over on my teepublic storefront so grab one today and rock it in memoriam!

Stand together and fight the encroachment of Arendelle. When something we love is taken from us, it's our duty of citizens of the offending country to stand up for the offended country. Right? There is no better way to show your disney side than to let everyone know Maelstrom was way better than Frezen Ever After could ever be. I mean sure, there really isn't anything to draw kids down to World Showcase except the churros.

Personally, having ridden Maelstrom one time just before it shut down, I'm OK with the change. My family doesn't have any fond memories of it like some others do. We rode it because we were in Epcot in August and it was hot as blazes. While we enjoyed Frozen in its hayday. I wouldn't say we are fanatics of it. I'm sure we will get along just fine with the new animatronics and musical numbers. It's Disney World after all!

So, go grab this shirt and take a look at the others I've got up for sale over at my teepublic site!

FINALLY. A shirt designed for all 2 Men and the Mouse enthusiasts. The Snack Gauntlet has arrived. A classic arcade game theme is exactly what this begged for. If you don't already know, some time back during an episode of the 2 Men and the Mouse podcast, Kevin and Pete discussed their favorite snacks. This discussion turned into a best of snacks list which became the Snack Gauntlet, a daunting task of eating 9 specific disney park snacks as well as a personal choice of your own.

Some of these snacks are traditional while others aren't so common. This shirt makes sure you don't forget what snacks are on the list for your next trip, or just to wear around town.

Retro video games not your style? Looking for something a little cuter? Then slap some big eyes on them foods and eat that anthropomorphic goodness you weirdo!

Remember, when tackling on the gauntlet, pics or it didn't happen!!


Did everyone catch the instagram photo from La Cava in Epcot? Seems the one and only Neil Patrick Harris was spotted out and about with former co-star Cobie Smulders and a few friends. The pic looked a lot like this:

How about NPH's shirt? Already getting a lot of buzz on the internet around the Disney fan base. Want one of your own? Check it out, I made one and it's over on the Magical Meltdown store at teepublic.

It's like my grandfather told me on his deathbed: "Mike, you can be anything. Except NPH. You'll never be NPH." Ya know what gramps? Now I can dress like him...which is close.